It is no coincidence that the Lonely Planet Guide has chosen Seville as the best city in the world to visit in 2018. Beyond its monuments, Seville has a magic sense that has conquered both national and international visitors. This mysterious charm that some call ´duende´ makes us come back again and again, and so we have decided to give you some tips to enjoy the city as we like, with your five senses.

Sense of View: The bad thing is not that Sevillians believe that they have the most beautiful city in the world, the worst thing is that they may be right. This statement by Antonio Gala sums up very well what we feel about the Andalusian capital and each of its corners.

Seville has the biggest Historic Quarter in Spain and one of the three largest ones in Europe, and its winding and narrow streets have much to tell. We are in a land ruled by the Romans, by the Muslims and with a great Jewish influence in the Low Middle Ages. This mixture of cultures is manifested in a city that has monuments such as the Cathedral, the Torre del Oro (the Golden Tower), the Pilates House, the Alcázar Gardens and the Santa Cruz and Santa María la Blanca neighborhoods. Walking around the center will take you to different moments of history: Keep your eyes wide open and enjoy the trip.

Sense of Touch: Let yourself be pampered by this city in the Arabian Air Baths, dedicated to the relaxation of body and mind in a Mudejar palace a few meters from the cathedral. An exclusive and cosy space that offers different activities: Thermal Baths, Massages, Skin Procedures, Aquatic Rutines… After all, and after all the walking, you deserve a break.

Sense of Taste: You’ve heard about tapas, haven’t you? In front of the Giralda you will find one of the most popular and crowded streets of Seville: Mateos Gago. There are some of the most authentic tapas bars in the capital, such as La Sacristía, Las Columnas, La Fresquita or Casa Tomate, which are just some of the many establishments where thousands of Sevillians and tourists come together to enjoy the good living and good Sevillian climate.

Sense of Hearing:  You don’t just have to visit Seville, you have to live it. You can’t leave this city without enjoying a real show in the Flamenco Capital of the World. Our recommendation is to visit the Flamenco Museum of Cristina Hoyos, in the heart of the city, where every day, as the last activity, there is a date with the singing, the dancing, and with the guitar. It is time to sharpen your ears and listen to the great cast of artists that every night they perform on its stage, which has already become a world reference place.

Sense of Smell: What does Sevilla smell like? The experts in walking along its streets are clear: Orange Blossoms, Incense and ´Adobo´ (conservation technique elaborated primarily with vinegar and paprika) on Calle Tetuan. Spring is the best time to visit the Andalusian Capital, as the orange trees have just blossomed and the pleasant smell of your flower accompanies you wherever you go. In addition, with a bit of luck you can enjoy two of their best holidays: Easter and the April Fair.