The singularity of the regions in the Iberian Peninsula has led to a great wealth of manifestations in the field of craftsmanship.
For this reason, in Spain by Día Libre we offer the possibility of living a unique experience by stepping into our Iberian culture and getting close to the essence of our tradition through our finest artisans in Madrid.
For that purpose, we have designed artisanal tours of the most representative artisans of our cultural heritage. Spain is a country rich in traditions that are reflected in its landscape, flavors and unique creations.

We give you the opportunity to have a personal encounter with the best artisans of Madrid at their workshops. This unique experience can be anything from finding out how Flamenco guitars are made for top artists such as Paco de Lucía or the traditional wine Bota-bag that Ernest Hemingway made known to the rest of the world in his literary work.
And in addition to our luthier and our wine bota-bag artisan, you can meet our jeweler, traditional waxworker, ceramist craftswoman, traditional espartero, tailor to the toreadors, tapestry masters, masters of the Spanish cape, leather craftsmen and bookbinders.

Accompanied by our specialized bilingual guides, you can experience a total immersion in the history and curiosities of each of the neighborhoods and traditional corners where the workshops are located. And also, since our routes are tailor-made, you can include other experiences to your liking: gastronomic, wine tasting, etc.